Pixel 3 XL: leak discloses model’s color option “Clearly White”


Google will change things for Pixel 3 XL and these changes may or may not please fans of the Pixel range, especially if we believe this leakage model “Clearly White”. Google launched its first Pixel smartphones nearly two years ago; it was seen as a bold choice. It was not only something new, especially in the design of smartphones themselves but also for the company.

For two generations, Pixel smartphones are identifiable by two-color back shell, very visible and distinct from the rivalry. Rest guaranteed, the spirit of a two-tone color remains. Nevertheless, they are not so distinct and almost indistinguishable unless you are extremely close.

The photos of a white prototype of the Pixel 3 XL disclosed on XDA clearly show the subtle change of tone. The renderings of the black model suggest a sharper contrast, although the photos of the so-called models do not seem to show it.

In fact, there may be other colors we have not heard of yet. However, what Google has kept is the orange power button that easily distinguishes it from other buttons.

Another thing which the leaked photos indicate is the wide screen edge on the Pixel 3 XL. It is showing a very tall top notch, a bottom chin bezel. In addition, we can distinguish two front cameras and a speaker at the bottom.

The device is based on the fastboot screen; this model has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. As the source reported, the Pixel XL 3 is unable to boot further and the reason behind it is that it has been remotely erased by the company itself.

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With such thick screen edges, this design could drive potential buyers away. It is impossible to confirm these shots, but if Google plans to follow the same launch schedule as its two previous generations of smartphones Pixel, we can expect an official announcement around October 2018.

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