Samsung Galaxy S21 will come without Charger in the Box

Samsung Galaxy S21

Rumors are spreading at a great pace that Samsung Galaxy S21 chose to ditch a charger in the box. The new flagship series Galaxy S21 will not include a charger and earphones in the box. Korean-based company Samsung is making its way towards an eco-friendly environment by removing carbon-based chargers from its box.

Samsung has launched its flagship model Galaxy note20 and Galaxy note20 ultra, observing its course of launching products one can easily predict the launch of its next device of flagship series Galaxy S21 in early 2021, February, or even before it.

Following the trend Apple has set, Samsung has also given the hint of removing charger and earphones from the box. Apple 12 series has launched with an in-box charger claiming to keep the environment eco-friendly. Samsung has slightly mocked the idea and now seems to follow the trend.

According to Korean media reports, the company claims to make the decision of removing in-box accessories on grounds of making less impact on environmental pollution. This may go in favor of the company in sense of less productional cost. We can expect a reduction in price for S21 but it depends on other features the product has to offer.

However, people are not really welcoming the decision made by Apple and the company has faced serious criticism for the removal of the accessories with a slight reduction in the product price. Samsung should keep that in mind and give a reasonable drop in price for giving out a lesser number of devices in each box

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