Image Copyrights

Image copyrights is of extreme value to our website. We respect everyones image copyrights and it is our policy to remove any copyright image that belongs to someone else.

We try at our utmost to use only those images which are free from image copyrights. As we use images from many sources like Google, Social media website etc so it may be possible that they contain a copyright but not mentioned and are unintentionally ignored.
If you think any image used on our website is copyright of a person/website or someone else, please Contact Us with following details:
  • Full URL of image on our Website
  • Name and Address of person/website holding that image copyrights
  • Contact email of person/website
We will immediately remove any image that contain copyrights of anyone.

Please Note here, We require 2 working day to work on your request.
Upon successful removal we will let the person know by email that the image have been removed.Sincerely Team