Samsung confirms disappointing sales of the new Galaxy S9


Samsung, The South Korean Company recently unveiled its financial results for the second quarter of 2018 and Galaxy S9. The Korean manufacturer sees its turnover decline compared to last year, but its profits increase slightly. This is due to the good health of its flea industry and bad sales of the Galaxy S9.

Some of the segmentation of the production are doing better than others. In terms of sales of memory chips, Samsung displays have excellent results. However, on the Smartphone side, Galaxy S9 and S9+ got disappointing figures in sales and profits. Meanwhile, it seems that the price of galaxy note 9, which will be obtainable on august 9, has leaked in Indonesia.

If we check to the global numbers, Samsung is still doing well in the market. The automaker saw its turnover fall 4% from last year, but its net profit increased by 5.4%. In the second quarter of 2018 alone, Samsung earned no less than about 11.4 billion Euros. That’s for the global picture.

If we start looking at what happens on a branch-by-branch source, we can see that Samsung’s different sectors of activity are doing more or less well. The company’s mobile branch, which saw its profit fall by 34% compared to last year.

“Second-quarter revenue fell due to softer sales of smartphones and display panels,” Samsung said in a statement.

On the beginning of July, experts considered that the sales of the Galaxy S9 were comparable to that of the Galaxy S3, with about 31 million copies sold, far from the 50 million sales of Galaxy S7, for example. The good news for the consumer is that the price of the Galaxy S9 is likely to fall more sharply than usual by the end of the year.

In addition, Samsung is doing well chips. The downfall in sales in the mobile sector is however caught up by the very good results of the sector dedicated to semiconductors, which are chips.

Samsung is certainly one of the world’s leading producers of DRAM memory and is taking lead of the excitement surrounding the cloud and cryptocurrency market to increase its prices. With 8.85 billion Euros, Samsung saw the profit of this branch explode by 45%.

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In short, Samsung is doing well and taking advantage of its diversification to wipe the lack of innovation of its latest high-end Smartphone.

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