Samsung Has Released Smart Speaker Galaxy Home with its Own Bixby

Galaxy Home

Samsung presented a connected speaker, the Galaxy Home, last night at the press conference it held in New York. After Google, Amazon and Apple, it was Samsung’s turn to present its connected speaker. The company also introduced a new connected watch and Galaxy Note 9 at the event. Samsung has been rather elusive about it and will unveil it in more detail by the end of the year.

On August 10, last night Samsung held a grand launch of its products and announced that Samsung is working with streaming media vendor Spotify, and one of the most anticipated by Xiaobian is Galaxy Home.

The Galaxy Home is the first connected speaker of Samsung. There is no comparison of this connected speaker directly with the speakers Google Assistant or Alexa, but rather with the Homepod, the high-end speaker of Apple.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Home is a smart speaker product jointly developed by Samsung and AKG. Its shape is similar to that of a wine prince. The three legs support the upper speaker cavity.

In terms of intelligence, the Galaxy Home is equipped with Samsung’s own Bixby. The speaker board and six speakers arranged in a circular manner, a subwoofer, but also 8 microphones.

The sound itself, with the AKG blessing, is also very good. It also supports intelligent sound field positioning similar to Apple’s HomePod. No matter which direction of the speaker you are in, it can bring you a surround listening experience through calculations and adjustments.

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For the first smart speaker, Samsung did not disclose its parameter details and release date. Those who want to know more will be able to follow the Samsung Developer Conference on November 7 and 8, where more details should be delivered.

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