Samsung S10 to feature a new type of in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung S10

Samsung is still weeks away to launch Galaxy Note 9 in the market, but rumors and speculations of Company’s upcoming flagship phone are heating up which is Samsung S10. Also, the Galaxy S10 will feature a new type of in-display fingerprint sensor which might be one of the best technology used in a Smartphone so far. The fingerprint sensor works on ultrasonic technology and it’s different from the recent flagship phones.

On Sunday, a business analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains that he thinks Samsung S10 will come in three different variants of different sizes¬†5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.4 inches, and the sizes are more or less same to Apple’s next iPhone series. The larger two models will have on-screen fingerprint sensor while the entry-level variant has a fingerprint sensor on the side.

Samsung is now going to adopt ultrasonic technology for capturing fingerprint as it is faster than the optical ones. It works on high-frequency waves and does not hinder itself from reading a surface by dust or grease. Kuo is well known to make accurate predictions about Apple’s plan by using supply chain sources, now he also started to talk about Samsung plans too.

He also thinks that this feature will highly be marketed to compete iPhone face scanning, plus another recent rumor says that Samsung S10 might consist of five cameras with an additional wide angle option for the back and front which will provide users with portrait selfies.

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As for the iPhone next series, Kuo believes that the iPhone new series will acquire the same look as iPhone X have, come in different sizes offering a variety of specs and features, full display view, and a notch cut for Face scanner. Apple will make the market harder for Samsung because it can give a tough competition, the next series will announce in September.

On the other hand, Samsung introduces its next upcoming line always in February it’s going to be the first time that the company plans to announce Galaxy Note 9 in August at a major event. However, S10 will somewhere announce at the start of next year.

via TechObserver

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