Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review | Features, Specs, Images

Its a mystery that how will be the next Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and there was a lot of pictures released and rumors were there but finally it released and broke all the mysteries. 


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

What’s New:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is more like Note 3 but there are lot of new changes that have been done to it. Some super cool features of this gadget are given below

  • Display
    Its has 2K display and is Super Quad AMOLED Display
  • Screen Size
    Unchanged 5.7 inches but better than Note 3
  • Screen Resolution
    Changed to 2560X1440 
  • Colors
    More realistic color and auto adjusting for brightness and warmness
  • Faux-Leather Back
    More softer and easier to grip and is cheaper than Note 3
  • Body
    Wrapped with metal band around entire edge of device
  • Inside back
    Removeable 3220 mAh battery which charges 30% faster and is long lasting and SD card Slot
  • Processor
    Powered with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 and 3GB of RAM making it very powerful smartphone.
  • Camera
    13 MP is replaced by 16 MP Camera with built in optical image stabilization and highly powerful LEDs making you image more clear then ever.
  • S Pen
    Better than ever, can be used like a pc mouse. It can highlight text, can choose multiple pictures and also added a fountain pen for calligraphy.
  • Android Software
    Obviously equipped with latest Android 4.4.4 Kitkat which is really super fast than that of older version. 
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode
    Allow you to save your phone battery in emergency mode. You can use mobile basic functions in this mode
  • Multitasking
    Like in windows 8 you can open apps simultaneously and can use them.
  • Noise Cancellation
    Samsung have shown 8 directional voice recording in crowded situations.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price is Rs 95000 in Pakistan
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