Xiaomi launched a Smart water heater under Youpin crowdfunding platform

Water heater

The Chinese smartphone maker is known for manufacturing the best smartphones in the market, they have also produced other variety of products from smart home appliances to gaming accessories. Now the company decided to bring Smart water heater under the Youpin crowdfunding platform, the product is named Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A and is manufactured by Viomi Electrical Technology Co. Ltd which is Xiaomi’s one of the ecological chain company.

The smart water heater is launched in China today with a price-tag of $130, as like before the company starts the price that sits on the lower end of the market. Apart from the heater, the company produced a long list of other products like Water Purifier, MIJIA Thermoelectric Kettle and so on.

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the Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A installed with a gas burner inside a chamber which converts chemical energy provided by the heat and there is also built-in energy-saving features present. It has a water intake pipe which is directly connected to the home water supply, a hot water outlet as well as a gas intake valve presented in the middle section. Moreover, the cold water flows into the heater and in the result, hot water comes out when you open the house tap.

The flow of water is detected by the sensor which ignites the burner in the heat exchanger when in function it can provide 13 liters of water per minute, it also comes with a digital thermostat and which shows accurate temperature. For the installation of the water heater, you required 60cm of space at the top, and 25cm on the sides. The shipping of the product is expected to start in the final week of September and will available on crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin website.

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