How to activate 4G LTE on Android, iPhone, Smartphones

Warid and Zong are the 1st two companies that are offering 4G and 4G-LTE. There may be a less number of user to use this services due to expensiveness of these service but these are premium quality services offered by any network.

4G vs 4G-LTE

4G and 4G-LTE have a difference between them. Simple 4G is usually available easily and in comparison to LTE is cheaper in cost while 4G-LTE (Long-term Evolution) is costly as compared to 4G but have lightning fast speed up to 50 Mbps (Wikipedia)

How to Activate 4G or 4G-LTE?

Activating 4G and 4G-LTE services is quite easy task but it requires following

  • a 4G or 4G-LTE compatible mobile
  • 4G supported Sim
If you don’t have 4G compatible smartphone then it will not work ofcourse. Now i consider that you understand smartphones useage so follow these steps to activate it.
Go to Setting > Wireless Connection > Mobile Network Setting > Advanced Network Mode > Select 4G/LTE in given option.
Activate 4G


There may be HSPA+ or LTE or 4G instead there. Select this option. If this is not present then your phone does not have 4G in it.

Confirmation Procedure

Now after selection process you must confirm that your phone is giving 4G. So in order to check run mobile internet and see status bar. You may see these
  • 4G for 4G only
  • LTE for 4G-LTE
  • H+
If this is not shown on your status bar then it may show E or H which means that your phone is giving 2G or 3G instead of 4G or 4G-LTE.
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