10 Tips to Maximize Smartphones Battery Life

Today’s Android phones are loaded with tons of features like super cool Camera’s and HD Video recording etc but these features require high battery consumption for full functioning. Even the market leader companies like Samsung and HTC do not have endless battery life.With increasing function speed of Quad-core Processors and RAM’s comes batteries that even don’t pass more than 1 day. So in order to use your smartphone for longer time we need to optimize them. I am sharing some of the best tips to make your battery last longer.

Avoid Overcharging:

Android batteries are very delicate and upon overcharging batteries lost their strength and in turn starts bulging out and due to this they start draining fast. Keep an eye over battery while it is charged and when your battery is charged full, remove it immediately to avoid overcharge.

Kill Background Tasks:

Background task are biggest killer of your smartphone’s battery. They keep draining out battery slowly. Go to Setting > battery to check which process is killing your battery. Try to stop any unnecessary apps which are draining battery. Be-careful while doing this don’t remove system processes. You can also use Clean Master like app to do this.

Close Connectivity Use:

Android batteries are also drained by wifi and data services like 3G and 4G. So you should only turn them On only when you need them otherwise keep Off to save your android battery. They should not kept ON all the time as it also saves from hackers attack too.

Use Ultra-Power Saving Mode:

Latest phones like Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One M8 and Xperia Z2 have power saver mode which helps your phone to save battery by reducing battery consumption. So they should be enabled at 50% battery so as to save battery.

Disable Auto Sync:

Apps like facebook, twitter and google+ have high usage due auto-sync enabled upon installation. To save battery set the these devices sync feature to manual instead of Automatic

Don’t Use Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpapers look very beautiful on your mobile screens but they are among big battery drainer. Use simple mobile wallpapers to avoid battery drainage.

Remove Extra Home Screen Widget:

You may think that home screen widget doesn’t drain battery but the fact is that they kills your battery slowly and continuously. The best solution of this is to remove all unnecessary widget from home screen that are not required in daily use. Use only 1 or maximum 2 screen to manage them.

Reduce Brightness:

This may be annoying to you but you will be surprised to see that when you reduce the brightness of your display, your phone will have longer battery life. Also turn off automatic brightness as it uses more battery than usual.

Disable Apps Automatic Updates:

One of the key problem with the update is that they require more battery for existing apps updating on your phone so they not only consume power but also due to wifi usage battery drainage gets double. As you download an app, set the apps update to manual instead automatic to save battery. 2ndly also disable location services as they also drain battery fast.

Use Force Stop Option:

If any of your app is not killed by 3rd party apps like Snapdragon Battery Guru
then use force stop option from setting > apps > force stop button.
Last but not the least install only those apps which have good rating and above 4.0 so that you may have better stance of getting rid of bad apps that drains battery. Smartphone companies are working on maximizing battery life too and in future i hope that batteries will last longer.
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Happy Maximizing!
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