Instagram is testing a new feature for Public accounts to remove followers


Public accounts on Instagram are just like an open book to everyone else, and there was only one way to avoid annoying people which is to block them. To counter this problem, Instagram is testing another tool which gives users a direct control on their follower list; the Company is carrying out the tests for this new tool as it will help followers to manually remove followers just by a few taps.

Reports of this new ‘Remove follower’ feature has been on board from the last few months and it also looks like the feature will roll out on a mass level at least for all Andriod users. Also today Matt Navarra tweeted about removing follower which notify us about this tool, but when the Company was asked they refuse to comment on it, as reported by the verge.

Sometimes followers get too annoying to handle, you might start getting awkward messages or you don’t feel right about someone. To avoid this awkwardness people left only with one option which is to block them, but blocking and unblocking always leads to the same results, and also People can notice that they have been blocked by this person. Later, Instagram notes that people who are removed didn’t get any notification about it.

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In May, the company introduced a new feature that was a mute button after going through this option you don’t need to see posts from a person who bothers you, though, you keep following that person.

However, its update not entirely roll out on all android phones yet, you must have to check it by going to your profile clicking on the followers, then you see an icon with three vertical dots on the right side of the user’s name and just by one tap, you can immediately remove the respective follower.

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