Reportedly Facebook has Collaborated with ECP to ensure transparency in elections


Pakistan General elections 2018 are just around the corner and Facebook in collaboration with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP) to ensure transparency in elections. Facebook mentioned in a recent report that they had initiated a project named as Third Party Fact Checking for the citizens of Pakistan to check scam and false news related to the Political parties present to misguide them.

“Facebook has incredible potential to be a positive force for democracy around the world. Facebook gives a voice to people of all ages and political beliefs, it encourages debate and the healthy exchange of ideas, and it makes leaders more accountable to their constituents,” said the social media Giant.

For this purpose, Facebook has also launched a website which is ‘Pakistan election integrity initiative’ to preserve and protect the integrity of democracy of all the upcoming elections around the world. One of the main thing which Facebook wants to offer during elections is the practice of language both in English and Urdu for the Political parties and politicians. It’s an easy way for their followers to be aware of all the party activities.

“When fact-checkers rate a story as false, we significantly reduce its distribution in News Feed — dropping future views on average by more than 80%. Pages and domains that repeatedly share false news will also see their distribution reduced and their ability to monetize and advertise removed,” said Facebook. 

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Facebook will use the AI and Human review to detect the forged news, too, by partnering with AFP the company can also monitor content as it will use signals including feedback from the people and clickbait the most hyped stories to potentially mark the fake news, so that Fact checker could review them. Furthermore, they are also working on new methods in partnership with ECP to share a reminder for ECP’s 8300 Voter SMS service, which will provide information about the polling station and constituency to the voters.


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