10 Android Apps that Everyone Should Install

Every android user require some apps that help him boost up the everyday routine use. These app not only help him but also are essential for every smartphone user. Listed below are 10 essential android apps for everyday use.

Anti-Virus App:

The most important app is anti-virus app that protects your phone from viruses is anti-virus app. 


 I have checked many antiviruses but i would recommend to use AVAST Antivirus App

Best thing about Avast is

  • Sms and Call filter
  • Lost device tracking
  • Infected Websites Monitoring
  • Firewalls 
  • Wifi and Network data tracking
  • It is lighter than rest of anti-viruses app. 
  • Free version
  • Mobile Theft protection
  • Background working
  • Highest worldwide ranking
You can also use AVG app instead of Avast or you can use Avira app or others. Both of them have their own features.


Your phone may already have web browser installed in it but it may be not worth good. For faster use mostly people use 3rd party browsers that help them in many ways.

Dolphin Browser:

Highest rated (4.7) on Google Play, Dolphin Browser is a unique and only made for android.
Best thing is 
  • Jetpack boost 
  • Night Vision Mode
  • Gesture Mode
  • Sonar Function
  • One Tap Share
  • Save to Evernote
  • Sync function
  • Add ons
  • Download manager
  • Smart bookmark
  • Quick view
  • Multi-Tab function
  • Private browsing
  • Full Screen view

You may use Google Chrome Opera Browser or Mozilla Browser or others.


For running a video or audio file you may need a 3rd party app to run file which is not supported by your phone.

MX Player (Video):

Highest rated on Play store, MX player is the most popular video player for playing videos on your phone. I am also using it currently on my phone.
Best thing about MX is
  • High performance
  • Multi-core decoder
  • Pinch to Zoom
  • Subtitle Scroll
  • Auto-rotation
  • Brightness and Volume Adjustment
  • Kids lock

Power Ramp (Audio):

High rated and better than rest of them, Power Ramp app let you play music of your choice. 
Best Thing is
  • It supports mostly formats
  • Lighter than others
  • Powerful Equalizers function
  • Bass and Treble Adjustment
  • Auto Library
  • Lock Screen Function
  • Custom Themes
You can use VLC app (Beta) instead of this for audio and video files

Instant Messaging and Connectivity:

Keep in touch with friends and family by instant messaging services.


The fastest and highly popular instant messaging services is whatsapp
It is best for Messaging

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Best thing is

  • High Speed Message delivery system
  • Instant file sharing
  • Auto connectivity to friends in contact list

Others are Wechat, Nimbuzz


Viber is best instant connectivity services.
It is best for Audio Call
Best thing is
  • Highly Power servers
  • Free Viber to Viber Call
  • Cross platform connection (PC & Mobile)
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Group calls
  • Video call (now available)

Skype App:

Microsoft’s own Skype instant messaging, Video and Audio Call Service

It is best for Video Call

Best thing is
  • HD video
  • Highly Quality Service
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Screen Share
  • Group call
  • Group Screen Share
  • Cross platform connection
  • Dual call function 
  • Video Messaging (Now available)

Other are Line Messenger 

Social Networks:

The best way to socialize is to use a social network. The three famous are

Facebook App: 

Most popular Internet Social Network is Facebook

Twitter App: 

2nd most widely used Social network is Twitter

Google +:

Comparatively new but highly popular Social Network is Google + from Google

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