Google revealed New Android 6.0 named with Marshmallow


Google finally have unveiled the name of its next android version which is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In late May they previewed the next android version name as Android M which was not illustrated by Google team to build anticipation. 

Along with the name of next android version they have also revealed the SDK and Marshmallow software preview which can be loaded on Nexus devices. Google stated in its blog that this preview is not final and is also not intended for consumer use.

Currently this preview is made for developers so that they can test their apps in SDK Manager in Android Studio. They can download it and upgrade their apps so that they are compatible with the new version

What’s new in Marshmallow update is simpler approach to permission giving more control to users over what information apps can access. Google’s new Android Pay mobile wallet platform, USB Type-C support and number of tweaks and improvements throughout system.

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