Dark mode for YouTube is finally available on Android devices

Dark Mode

YouTube has just announced its dark mode availability on Android devices. The most popular video streaming platform initially released the dark mode for the iOS app even though Android users were expecting it to be arriving on their devices as well.

A few months after the YouTube dark mode made its appearance on iOS, the feature is now available on YouTube for Android devices and users. Android users were supposed to be given this feature shortly and now after 4 months the users are finally getting this feature.

The dark mode for YouTube on the desktop was first added last year. The company then stated that the mobile apps would also get it as well. Previously when it was only available for Apple, so when on being clickws on the Android tab, users received response like this, “Dark theme is currently only available on IOS. Dark theme on Android is coming soon.”

Some of the users have also said that the YouTube app on Android has oddly turned over into dark mode. Also the changing in the color has more of a dark gray tone than a pure black tone, which is said to be not entirely blacked out mode enabled by the makers as the website reports.

The general settings page within the app now has a switch for enabling this dark theme. Users can also switch back to the light mode if they want to add light, so that every person can be satisfied according to the need.

YouTube is considered as the online platform where people upload their content; it’s the first option for content producers so their fans can look up to their work easily. Young bloggers and new channels find this platform helpful to start and convey their message throughout the world. Users were appealing for the dark mode option from the website from a while and now it’s available for the viewers.

The website turned YouTube Music already into dark mode on both its new website and revamped Android app. Its Android gaming app also supports the gloomy theme. Whereas, the YouTube on Android TV even support both modes. But the main app lacked the feature which is now being offered.

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The benefits of a dark theme on YouTube are easy to find and easy to notice. Dark theme makes the whole app easier on the eyes when we’re watching videos at night time. It is less stressing for the eyes as the light create.

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