Android 4.4.1 Kitkat Update For Nexus 5 Rolling out Today

After release of Android 4.4 with Nexus 5  lot of user complained about camera which google of course have to take seriously and now this issue have been resolved by experts with Android 4.4.1 Kitkat update for Google Nexus 5 rolling today.

What are the Improvements?

It is now confirmed from Nexus Google+ Page update that Google Nexus 5 have been given this update. This update features Camera issue which includes 

  • Slow Launch Speed
  • Slow AutoFocus Speed 
  • Slow Picture Taking Speed
  • Error During Capturing
Now these issues have been resolved and fixed with this update. Now you can capture photos smoothly with speed and with HDR+ mode in Nexus 5 its quite become easy to capture photos even in low light. With improved autofocus and greater working speed it becomes easy for Nexus 5 user to capture HD images. 
Download Android 4.4.1 Update: Here
Google promises to keep its Nexus 5 at its best and for that they did this worked on that issue in priority. Hope that this update will satisfy nexus 5 users.
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