Facebook launches Vanish Mode on Messenger & Instagram

Instagram Facebook Vanish Mode

Facebook Messenger and Instagram got a new ‘vanish mode’ for messages on chat. The new vanish mode will let users on Facebook messenger and Instagram to enable the option for auto disappearance of messages after they are reviewed by other parties like in Snapchat.

For introducing new features, Snapchat has always come forward. This time the trend has been seen in introducing messages disappearing option. Recently Whatsapp introduced messages disappearing option allowing users to get rid of old messages which are no longer needed.

Now following the fashion, Facebook messenger and Instagram have brought new ‘vanish mode’ that will allow users to opt for the messages they want to get rid of in chat. This feature will soon be available for the users. According to Facebook:

“We designed vanish mode with safety and choice in mind, so you control your experience. Only people you’re connected to can use vanish mode with you in a chat. Vanish mode is also opt-in, so you choose whether to enter vanish mode with someone. If someone takes a screenshot of your chat while you’re using vanish mode, you’ll be notified”.

Though the message disappearing feature is not new, however, the variance is seen in every app. This feature is different from Snapchat’s message disappearing as not all of the messages in certain chat will disappear but the messages, the user chose for vanish mode will disappear instead.

Also unlike Whatsapp, vanish mode on Instagram and Facebook messenger does not have a time frame for messages to stay before they are gone for good. The messages selected for vanish mode will disappear immediately after the chat is closed.

The option for Vanish Mode will appear at the top (in the settings) of any particular chat message. The vanish mode can also be set by swiping up and down that will turn on and off the mode respectively (Vanish Mode is only available for one-on-one chats at the moment, and not group threads).

According to Facebook, the feature is opt-in only which means if one user turns the vanish mode for the chat, the mode will be enabled only if the other user agrees to it. 

Facebook is working on improving features in its messenger including Whatsapp. Positive feedback is what we expect as a lot has been changed in Facebook messenger and Instagram recently.

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