Microsoft will continue Skype classic after postponing the mandatory upgrade plan

Skype Classic

For those who like the classic desktop Skype app, there is good news. The closure plan of Skype classic originally scheduled for September this year has been adjusted, which is undoubtedly a great move. The closure call was made to upgrade to the latest version Skype 8.

Citing foreign media website report, today Microsoft quietly replied in the community post that it will continue to support Skype “for a while,” but declined to give more details.

The Microsoft Community Moderator replied: “We are working hard to integrate all the features that users expect into Skype 8.”

In July of this year, Microsoft announced that it will force the upgrade of the Skype for Windows client software and will completely abandon the Skype 7.0 Classic from the historical stage. However, after receiving a lot of user feedback, Microsoft decided to continue to support Skype 7.0, delaying the mandatory upgrade plan.

“Based on user feedback, we are extending Skype 7 (Skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype classic until then,” a company spokesperson said in a forum post.

After the 7.0 classic will retire, users can download and install Skype 8.0. It brings a number of improvements, including HD video, screen/media library/photo/video sharing, and supports responding directly to someone in a group chat.

Microsoft said that with improved push, the company must shut down old services and legacy applications. This is to ensure the best Skype experience for all customers, so as not to suffer from quality or reliability issues caused by the constraints of old and new technologies.

The application follows a familiar interface, but it contains more new features and no changes to system requirements. It means that any device running the classic Skype can be easily upgraded. This year Microsoft will add more features, such as read receipts, private chat (Signal Protocol technology driver), and new call recording features.

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The company said that transformation is tough, so we are working hard to make updates as simple as possible. According to them the upgrading to the latest version of Skype is not going to be a huge change.

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