Saudis became the most active users of Snapchat around globe


Over 9 million Saudis are active daily users of popular picture capturing app Snapchat. Saudi Arabia has the most number of daily users of this social media Application. Almost 55 % of them are women, the percentage improved about 30 % from last year.

A self-governing firm Ampere Analysis pointed out that people of Riyadh and Jeddah used the app about 40 times a day while spending 35 minutes a day, on average while surfing. If we compare with Snapchat’s overall average around the globe it is 25 times a day and for half an hour, according to local reports.

A survey found out that one out of third of Saudis say they use the Snapchat video for any purpose, which makes it the highest market implementation of Snapchat, more than any other major country. In April, the owner of social media application Snapchat, has apparently started meeting with Saudi Arabia to make a workplace in that area.

After a year of the application’s opening in the Middle East, a growth rate of five percent have been reported. In addition, the amount of Internet users in Saudi Arabia increased rapidly to become 30 million people at the start this year, while more than 25 million people using different social media sites.

In February 2017, Snapchat opened Dubai headquarters eight months in advance of Facebook. A year later, it reported a blockbuster growth rate. It was the first service moved into the Middle East.

According to a daily digital magazine, the application is favoured because it makes user’s experience secure by automatically removing all opened snaps and unopened ones within a month. It seems to provide a feeling of security that isn’t felt while using other public apps such as Facebook or Twitter.

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Just last month the parent company of Snapchat announced new feature, “Clear Chat.” The feature allows user to erase their unread messages sent to friends.

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