Facebook Finds a Way to Monetize its WhatsApp Messaging Service

Whatsapp Web Calling

Since last year, Facebook is facing downfall in growth, will try to Monetize its WhatsApp messaging by charging some companies wanting to dialogue with their customers.

WhatsApp has officially launched its business solution. Facebook is looking for money, and for the purpose it will make businesses pay. Thus, the application will now offer them paid options in order to discuss with potential customers, announced the two entities Wednesday.

However, they will always be able to talk to customers for free though the app. For this, it is sufficient that they respond to their requests within 24 hours. Once this time is exceeded, the messages will be billed between $ 0.5 and $ 0.9.

“We’re introducing a solution for businesses that require more powerful tools to chat on WhatsApp and a new way for people to quickly start a WhatsApp conversation from an ad on Facebook,” the social network said in an online post.

Besides, companies will be able to automatically send “non-promotional” notifications such as boarding pass, delivery confirmation, appointment reminder to customers who have already contacted them.

Costumers will also be billed at the same rate mentioned above. They will have the option to block the company to stop receiving messages. Facebook said it has tested this solution with more than 90 companies like Uber or Singapore Airlines.

“Facebook Ads that click to WhatsApp help people discover your business, help you engage with them to explain your product or service and grow a relationship,” The network said.

“You will continue to have full control over the messages you receive,” Facebook promised WhatsApp users.”Businesses will pay to send certain messages so they are selective and your chats don’t get cluttered.”

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The company will also monetize with advertising a little later in the year. Brands will now have the opportunity to purchase sites on Facebook’s news feed, which will open a discussion directly on WhatsApp. In addition, the application will begin to display ads on status from next year. But, it’s still possible that new ad placements arrive on WhatsApp.

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