Twitter “Don’t believe every tweet” Campaign encourages users to be aware


Twitter has launched a marketing effort which is an advertising campaign ad spread under ” Don’t believe every tweet” name. It is assembled to inform users to be aware of fake tweets and misleading information that circulates on Twitter.

According to the verge, this fake tweet campaign includes a Twitter account, a youtube video feature which features comedian Greg Barris, and lastly a website which consists of the fake quotes from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and a pledge.

It reads,“be skeptical of all claims and never assume something is true just because it appears to reinforce views I already hold.”

But still, it is not clear what the real purpose of this campaign, probably the company is doing it for themselves because of the ongoing moderation problem which has shown up in the recent weeks.

“Twitter is an amazing platform for communication that has literally changed the world. But in order for it to work right, people can’t get sucked into all the fake news and conspiracy theories so many of our users (especially Russian bots) post. That’s why we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new #dontbelieveeverytweet campaign. It’s a simple reminder to be skeptical of everything you see on Twitter because our users can put literally anything in a tweet,” said CEO Dorsey.

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A few weeks earlier, Twitter suspended millions of accounts that they have mistaken for fake accounts which in return has damaged the company’s business and users admiration for the app. Therefore, the campaign is started as to remind people that persons do lie on the internet and not every information posted here is true. People usually brag about the things according to their point of view and can mend the facts based on their limited knowledge. The campaign will make Twitter a safe place to operate.

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