Lenovo Smart display with Google assistant looks more like Amazon Echo Speakers

Lenovo Smart

Lenovo unveils the Smart display which will come with Google assistant. Over the past few years, Smart speakers had become popular everywhere and usually acquired with AI assistance so that it can be easily used at home, take phone calls while working, or can listen to music. Lenovo Smart display looks more like Amazon Echo speakers but with a Display screen.

Lenovo new home assistant device has a large speaker which featured Google assistance, it gives you a visual answer with an Audio feedback from the AI. Under the hood, It is operated by Qualcomm’s Home Hub Platform with an octa-core Snapdragon 624 and 2 GB RAM, it also supports 4 GB internal storage to handle the data which requires minimum storage place.

Though, it is not like a regular tablet as it only shows you the content based on you Google Assistant requests. The interesting feature in Lenovo Smart display that it allows video calls using Google duo so you can chat with your friends or family while doing work, it can easily connect to the internet through an 802.11 Wi-Fi adapter.

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Lenovo incorporates a 5 MP front-facing camera for video calls plus you can easily shut that off with physical hardware shutter. Lenovo sensor can record 720p videos accompanied alongside a mutable microphone, the display, however, works pretty well in lighting condition. The company also give its users after sale packages which include three months of YouTube Premium subscription, along with that, users can also play music from Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, HBO Now, and Youtube Music.

Lenovo Smart display went on sale from 27th July with a fair price of $199.99 and $249.99 for 8 inches and 10 inch IPS variants. It has a support both for podcasts and audiobooks, shipping will start from August and you can easily buy it from the company’s website.

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