Google just Banned Cryptocurrency Scanning Apps on Play Store


Google has now banned all cryptocurrency miners from the Play Store. The applications that managing the mining equipment is apparently correct for the moment. The new set of regulations was created to keep out the new way unpleasant and unsafe content pop out lately.

According to Android Police, the bans include several categories of apps, including cryptocurrency mines and apps with disruptive ads. The new step taken by the company is a follow-up to their previous set of restrictions made in April, in which the extensions associated with cryptocurrency removal detached from the Chrome Web Store because of the malevolent software makers who attempt to misuse the platform at the outlay of users.

“We do not allow applications that exploit cryptocurrency on devices,” the new act says. “We allow applications that remotely manage cryptocurrency extraction.”

The latest step was conceivably predictable; an uncompromising stance against covert cryptocurrency exploration is really in vogue. The direct competitor Apple has also restructured the development policies last month sequentially to protect its user base from secret crypto-miners hidden in apps.

Apple said, “the only authorized cryptocurrency mining applications are those that exploit the outside of the device, such as cloud-based mining.”

Applications can be deleted if copy the content of another app without adding unique content, or if a developer creates multiple applications with similar content and user experiences.

Adding up the Google said, “Applications created by an automated tool, an assistant or model-based service and submitted to Google Play by the operator of that service on behalf of others are not permitted.”

Google currently is not so kind to minors; its new rule means that there can be no crypto-coin miners available for download. Although no date was given for such applications, it took Google two months to remove browser extensions after their previous ban.

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The store will be banning apps made to appeal children and contain prohibited adult themes. With the new developments being made the company will also restricted apps that sells explosives, firearms and ammunition.

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