WhatsApp delivers 29 million messages every minute


According to Statista approximately 29 million messages were delivered every minute in 2017. It keeps on increasing with stats reaching 1.7 billion messages every hour or 40 billion per day making WhatsApp the world most popular and most used App.

WhatsApp Usage is quite more than any other App and Statista reports that the amount of text messages, pictures, videos, data and other things are quite unbelievable. Therefore they have formulated a report that contains all usage information of users. It also notifies us that to which extent the social apps are impacting our daily routines of life.

“We know that everything can change in an internet every minute”, statista stated.

WhatsApp and Other App usage:


One thing to be noted here that Facebook is on the top of the list in terms of usage than other social app with 243,000 uploads per minute in 2017 irrespective of 29 million whatsapp messages it didn’t come on Top.

Apart from this, statistica also revealed other app usage. Twitter tweets are over 350,000 and tinder made 18,000 matches worldwide per minute. Also twitter have 330 million user active on app per month. The figures shows that how much these social apps are involved in our lives and effects differently.

Almost 2.5 billion people in world own their personal smartphone. Smartphones are considered as the most quickest way of approaching towards social media, uploading picture, statuses and sending messages. We have entered into digital era in which every other person consider social media mandatory part. Social media network is increasing every now and then from 3.3 billion in 2016 to 3.5 billion in 2017.

Smartphone sale Increased:

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