PTCL conducted Eco friendly Hike at trail 5 to support cleanliness


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) had conducted Eco friendly hike at Islamabad trail 5. It is a day long trip and all employees of PTCL participated in this. The aim behind this hiking task is to create awareness and educate people to keep environment and surroundings clean.

As hiking is considered a recreational activity in Islamabad, and majority people travel to visit these sites that creates a lot of trash, garbage and excessive waste. It develop a very negative impact altogether on other tourist as well. Therefore, PTCL take a initiative to conduct Eco friendly hike.

The purpose of hiking is to show teamwork, participation, coordination along with physical activity. They picked up garbage that come in their way to make Margalla hills Eco friendly.

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A large number of employees from all age groups and participated to show their support. Women were also part of that hike too and they contributed with great zeal and zest.

They also aim that hiking does not belong to only specific group, gender or people, it is for everyone because it shows a very healthy lifestyle. It is very pleasing to see women doing hiking against all odds and they show their participation that collectively sends a positive message to other women’s and society.

”PTCL gives priority to the health and well-being of its employees. Clean and healthy environment positively impacts our everyday lives immensely. Today’s activity is an effort to contribute to making our  Islamabad city more beautiful and our employees healthier with their active participation for the cause.” Said by Muhammad Wajid, Admin PTCL.

On whole it is very necessary to our keep environment clean. Because disposable garbage should be removed as they can pollute and destroy our ecosystem.

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