Starlink may Soon Launch its Satellite Based Internet in Pakistan

Bushra Rao
By Bushra Rao
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Starlink in Pakistan

Pakistan will possibly be among the countries to have Starlink satellite-based internet service. The satellite-internet service is owned by SpaceX may be launching in Pakistan as it was tweeted by a person recently that inform the nation of the good news.

SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk, launched its project named Starlink in 2015. The project is based on satellites with the objective to supply high-speed internet around in globe by the year 2022.

The news source is a tweet by a Pakistani internet user Hammad Dar, who reserved his location for Starlink internet in Islamabad. They asked to pay for the service which indicates that Starlink internet is coming to Pakistan in near future. Here is the tweet,

The service will be provided through an artificial constellation, that is, a group on a small satellite moving in low orbit around the earth. The satellites will have transceivers on the ground. The size of satellites is compact as compared to other satellites providing internet, so we can expect higher speed and more consistent connectivity around the globe.

Some of these satellites will be booked for military, scientific and exploratory services. In Pakistan, the project of SpaceX is expected to provide internet in few cities including Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar as per website data. Starlink is promising a spiking speed of 1Gbps near to almost 5G internet speeds and an average of 900 Mbps which is amazingly high as compared to other ISP’s.

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