Peshawar police release mobile App to locate Crime

Peshawar Police

Peshawar police on Thursday launched a Mobile app service in order to control increasing rate of crime and to ensure protection to its citizens. Mobile app is currently available for android users, can be downloaded from google play store.

At launching ceremony, Provincial police chief Salahuddin Khan Mehsud said “the app would reduce police response time and increase the level of coordination between police and the masses.” He was the chief guest at this event and unreal the app.

He address general public that we are taking every step to stop criminal activities in society and mobile app service is first step towards it. He further said that App service would provide immediate access of police at crime scene. People can use it to report robbery, blast, murder, and other criminal activities. This app will protect people from any mishap.

Peshawar Police

Mobile app works in an effective manner it will inform police in no time just by tapping one button. Your location information goes to nearby police station, they will be notify and therefore city Patrol team would be able to reach pinpoint place immediately.

The app is currently available as “Peshawar police”. It has several division “Call 15” feature, “Report Incident”, “Nearest Police Station”. But most importantly the “Help” button will let you to call nearest police station in hour of need.

In order to obtain access of this app you have to provide all your basic information like ID card to get registered. After that google map will update your location time to time and also allocate nearby police station on map. Pictures and videos can also be share with Police as evidence.

Today individuals apprehend technology more, however we can utilize this in a way to tackle and eradicate ever increasing crimes in our society, so that people feel secure.

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