Pakistan installed missile tracking technology purchased from china

Mehak Tariq
By Mehak Tariq
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Pakistan buy new missile tracking technology from china in an unprecedented deal whose main purpose is to make  PAK missile technology more advanced so that it could develop multi nukes missiles.

Two months ago, India tested its most advanced nuclear technology that is intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), it is so powerful that it can strike shanghai or Beijing with this long distance. As we all know about the never ending dispute between these two nations, Certain evidences claim that China is supporting Pakistan’s Missile tracking programme. Chinese government disclose this information about deal on Wednesday.

It had been assumed that Beijing is supporting PAK missile programme by proving high tech arms and weapons to them, nevertheless not any official record or evidence had found, making this project more confidential.

A researcher from Chinese academy of sciences verified news to “South china morning post” that China has sold highly sensitive, sophisticated, large scale optical tracking and measurement missile to Pakistan military. Furthermore, China was the first country to develop such cordial relations and selling most classified technology to Pakistan.

We simply gave them a pair of eyes. They can use them to look at whatever they want to see, even the Moon.” Zheng Mengwei CAS.

This technology is so advanced that it could hit several cities and military arm bases at a time. South china morning post did not reveal any further information that how much PAK army had paid for buying this technology, however Chinese authorities said that any further documentation on this project will remain classified because of privacy concerns.

A Chinese team came to Pakistan for installation of this programme spent almost three months, on their visit here they construct tracking system and trained technical staff  how to use it.

“The uniqueness of the Chinese-made system lay in its use of four telescope units, more than normally required”, Zheng said.

Chinese tracking system comprised of optical unit which further consist of four telescopes equipped with a laser range, high speed camera, infrared detector and centralized computer system that will automatically capture and tracks moving targets. Each telescope is placed on several range kilometer with detection point and synchronized with atomic cloaks. It is so high powered that on one strike it could wipe whole nuclear armory in just on attack.

PAK army has a wide range of ballistic missile called “Ababeel” with radius of 2,200 km and it can even deliver numerous missile at different targets. With new technology bought from china we can enhance it more and can maximize our defense system.

Although India has not found any breakthrough so far that can deliver more than one atomic nukes at a time. Pakistan military experts believe that its on early stage of development and formation, Ababeel missiles are not ready for use in War.

Apart from missile tracking technology China has also sold various military weapons, including warships, fighters, short-range missiles, diesel submarines and surveillance drones. From all this data one thing is certain that Pakistan army is trying their best to maintain high technology arms, preparing themselves to going through any thick and thin.

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