Youtube Launched Localized Version for Pakistan

Youtube launched its localized version for the Pakistani users by displaying local content and Youtube Pk logo on its website. This not only happened for Pakistan but also for Sri Lanka and Nepal according to Google Asia Pacific Blog.

YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing community with over 1 billion monthly users worldwide. It is now available in 88 countries locally, as well as in 76 global languages, including in Nepali, Urdu, and Sinhalese.

“Starting today, visitors to YouTube from each respective country will see their country-specific YouTube site by default: for instance, users from Pakistan will now see the YouTube Pakistani site in Urdu when they visit the YouTube homepage, with playlists of trending and recommended videos popular in Pakistan. ” Google Asia Pacific Blog

“Viewers can now more easily find content that is beloved in their own countries, and discover more relevant local content on the world’s largest and most diverse video sharing community. This launch will also provide more people from Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka the chance to share their own stories and videos with the rest of the world.”

“We aim to provide an even more tailored YouTube experience by launching versions that are optimised for Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. We also hope that this will pave the way for the work of local creators, personalities, and musicians to shine on the world’s largest and most vibrant video community,” said a Google spokesperson.

While there is still a ban according to Govt officials on orders of Supreme Court but in the past weeks we see that Youtube is temporarily accessible in Pakistan which is currently said to be due to a glitch but no one knows what actual situation is.

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