Windows 10 October Update is Here – New Design, Fresh Look!

Windows 10 October Update

Windows 10 has rolled out its October Update with a new design and enhanced features. Let’s have an insight into its features downloading information.

Windows 10 has finally floated its update with refinements to offer a better user experience. Although an update for Windows 10 rolled out in May, we have not seen a new design Model since 2015. This time design overhaul is what Windows has to offer.

Windows 10 October update also known as Version 20H2 has increased security and creativity. Major changes are on the top-level user interface. New design for file explorer, highlighted cursor in text, dark mode for apps, Emojis, alterations in start menu and taskbar, and other keyboard improvements. People from Microsoft reported :

“Internal documentation describes the project as ‘reinvigorating’ and modernizing the Windows desktop experience to keep up with customer expectation in a world driven by other modern and lightweight platforms.”

There has been a talk and steps might be taken to shifting the control center to setting to avoid confusion because the control center is not much needed with the presence of settings.

It’s not advisable to download Windows 10’s new update from ISO files if the installation source does not have an LCU released on October 13, 2020, or later. the problem that occurs is “system and user certificates might be lost” as per a report on issues affecting the latest update by Microsoft.

Windows 10 is now running over a billion devices globally. Windows 7 has officially vanished from devices and users are directed to shift to Windows 10 or upgrade their devices. Switching from the May update to the October update will take few minutes, however, if the update from May is not installed then the downloading process may take 20-30 minutes.

This update is not bringing a drastic change to give a feel of a new operating system but the company claiming to provide a better user experience and syncing with Android devices.

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