Youtube Went Down Globally but now it’s fixed

YouTube went down with hindrance in service around the globe with problems in video streaming. On Wednesday afternoon people’s most favorite video streaming platforms YoutTube went down leaving the users in fury. The website continued to provide service after the outage.

The problem lasted for short time in many countries around the globe including Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and in most parts of the U.S.  Ninty, six percent of the users complained about facing difficulty in video loading on their own channels as well as others’ channels. The site interface was still loading normally, with the search bar and video thumbnails still accessible.

Down Detector showed that the problem occurred in major countries around the globe and received complaints from every part of the globe. The Down Detector Graph spiked with users above 284273 in less than an hour complaining about facing problems in loading video.

Several users on Twitter reported that YouTube wasn’t working with hashtag #youtubeisdown and searches peaked for “is YouTube down.” YouTube team tweeted about the problem on Wednesday, 4:23 PT about the problem:

Around 5:00 PM PT the problem seemed to be resolved with few errors in playing videoThe number of reports smoothly decreased to 8,984 around 6 p.m. PT. At 6:13 PM ET, YouTube announced that the problem is gone:

YouTube successfully recovered from the massive breakdown after few hours and continued to provide the service smoothly.  The company, however, did not provide the reasons behind this outage.

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