Telenor Brings Companion Watch for Your Kids Security

Telenor Companion

Telenor brings a very affordable solution for Parents to keep an eye on their kids while they are away from them. Telenor named it as Companion Watch, a watch for those kids that cannot carry cell phones.

With this watch parents are not only be able to get a real time location of their kids but also they will be able to connect with them in case of emergency.  Key features of this watch are given below


  • Real – Time Location for accurate positioning and tracking monitored through an application in parent’s mobile phone.
  • SOS call can be generated to designated numbers on your mobile application.
  • Geo Fence on map can be set and notification alarms generated in case kid leave the radius.
  • Voice calling to preset numbers and silent voice monitoring
  • Pedometer for the step count child has taken 


Price of this watch is Rs 7000/- and any parent can have maximum of 5 watches. You can pre-order one here


Q: Can I monitor more than one watch? 

A: Yes, you can monitor more than one watch with the same application but with different watch numbers.

Q: Can there be two Admins of the same watch/ watches?

A: No, there can only be one admin. The rest can be added as a member with limited controls of the application and watch.

Q: What is the charging time of the watch?

A: The charging time of the watch is 1-2 hours. The discharging time of the watch is 2-3 days

Q: Will I be able to dial from the watch?

A: Yes, you can dial from the watch only to the numbers that are assigned to the watch e.g. Father, Mother or Uncle.

Q: What is Geo-fence and how does it work?

A: Geo-fence is marking the map area of the child watch. If the child leaves that area then an alarm will be generated on your cellphone application.

Q: Does it have voice messages feature in the watch?

A: Yes, children can send/receive voice messages from the watch and parents (admin) can listen/record that in the application.

Q: Can I view the watch members? 

A: The total members and their numbers can be viewed in the watch application.

Q: What happens when the SOS call is rejected or not received by the member?

A: In case of rejection or call missed by a member for SOS, it will automatically route to other member’s number.

Q: How can I identify watches if there are more than 1 child?

A: You can assign names to the watches that will be displayed n the watch main screen and also on the application.

Q: What documents would I need to buy the watch? 

A: Following documents are needed at the time of purchase:

  • Parents/Guardian CNIC
  • B- Form of the child wearing the watch
  • Guardianship Certificate (in case of Guardian/Mother)

Q: How many watches can I purchase?

A: As per PTA requirement, a parent can purchase up to 5 (five) watches only. In case of purchase of more than 5 watches, Guardian/Spouse can purchase it on his/her behalf providing the Guardianship Certificate.

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