Mobilink 3G and WiFi Devices

Mobilink introduced WiFi and 3G dongles for its customers to enjoy 3G broadband service on the move as Mobilink 3G have crossed 200+ cities of Pakistan. 

Mobilink WiFi devices give customers WiFi hotspot within a range of 10 feet  around devices and allow up to 10 connections to connect WiFi.

These WiFi and 3G Dongles are currently available at Mobilink Business Centers only with 6 months warranty of devices and charger. 

Device Prices:

Prices offered by Mobilink for 3G dongles and Wifi Devices are comparatively cheaper than others. Prices are given below

  • Mobilink Speed Net 3G Dongle: Rs 1000
  • Mobilink WiFi Hotspot: Rs 1400

Internet Bundles & Prices:

These internet bundles are applicable to both 3G dongles and WiFi devices. Prices and Bundles are given below

  • 30 GB/month: Rs 1500
  • 40 GB/month: Rs 2000

For the first month of purchase every customer will be provided with 20GB Free Internet included with these bundles GB’s. 

Conversion Process:

When you purchase these device you need to convert your sim into data sim to insert into device. To convert sim follow the process

  • Put sim into any other phone
  • Dial *338#
  • Wait for USSD process to complete

Your sim will automatically convert into data sim. This is one time process only.

Difference between 3G Dongle and WiFi:

Just in case if you don’t know the difference between these two devices

  • 3G Dongle: Powered by USB port of laptop or computer and gives 3G connectivity to only that device. It does not have WiFi hotspot.
  • WiFi Hotspot: Powered by Battery and give WiFi hotspot connectivity across 10 devices within 10 feet range.

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