Zong Introduced Online Activation for 3G & 4G Package

Zong have recently introduced online activation features for prepaid customers by which you can activate your favourite packages while using internet. Its hassle free and fast process.

Activation Process:

Process is very simple and easy. 

  • Go to online activation shop at Zong website
  • Select package of your choice from 3G and 4G
  • Select code and enter your mobile number
  • Wait for confirmation message
  • Reply with Y for activation of package
  • Enjoy


Q: Which subscribers are eligible for this ?
A: Prepaid onlyQ: Is it necessary to reply with Y for package activation?
A: Yes in order to confirm that customer want to subscribe the package it is necessary to reply with Y

Q: How much time is required for package activation?
A: Packages require maximum of 2 hours after confirmation

Q: If i have subscribed any GPRS package then will it be overridden?
A: Yes any GPRS packages subscribed earlier will be overridden by 3G or 4G package

Q: Is price written with packages?
A: Yes all packages price is written on activation page

Q: If someone else used my number to activate package what can i do?
A: You must reply with Y in order to subscribe any package. Your reply is a confirmation that you want to subscribe this package.

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