Warid Introduced LTE Shared Plans and Mifi Devices Offer

Warid launched its new products for its customers whereby they can share their 4G LTE plans together and also Mifi devices today. Industry top model Fawad Khan is featured in the commercial advertising Warid’s new products.

Shared Plans:

Warid LTE shared plans are for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Shared plans means any customer can choose up to two further warid numbers to share its LTE plans while bill can also be shared between them. This works for both LTE packages and Mifi devices. 

Mifi Devices:

Mifi devices are actually portable WiFi devices which can connect up to 10 users with a secure password to limit access. This device can connect smartphones, laptops and tablets. These devices are currently available in all major cities of Pakistan. The best thing about these Mifi devices is that its has 6 hours battery support for customers use.

Offer Details:

Initial cost of this device is Rs 9999 and it comes with 
  • LTE enabled SIM
  • 35GB free LTE internet
LTE internet is available free only for 3 months after which you have to pay according to your plans

Mifi Plans:

Mifi plans are divided into 3 types based on data usage. These are
  • 15GB = Rs 1500
  • 20GB = Rs 2000
  • 35GB = Rs 3000
All these plans are monthly.
Customers can opt in these plans by logging into online portal with Warid number. 
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can i share with my laptop how can i use my plan with my laptop?