PTCL Upgraded Broadband 1MB to 2MB Again

PTCL once again upgraded 1Mbps DSL Broadband connection to 2Mbps speeds at the price of 1Mbps. Whether you are new customer or existing customers you can enjoy 2Mbps speeds at the cost of 1Mbps.

Offer Details:

  • All 1Mbps customers are being upgraded to 2Mbps without extra charges.
  • Rs 1250 will be charged to new and existing customers
  • Offer will end after 31 March 2015
  • Rs 1549 will be charged after promotion ends
  • Customers can downgrade to 1Mbps after 31 March 2015
PTCL is doing this forced upgrade since two last year and customers have to downgrade manually so as to avoid extra charges. Instead of decreasing monthly charges PTCL is giving short term promotions to users. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is showing silence on such kind of practice letting PTCL to upgrade connections without consent.
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