Ptcl Launches New Limits of Economy Packages Soon

Do you have Ptcl Economy Package on your place? If yes, You would have noticed that you cross the limit of 10GB per month usually which makes you worried. Then stop getting worried as Ptcl is going to revise its policies soon.

According to Ptcl Customers Helpline Person, Ptcl will be going to revise or is going to launch new package with more limit then existing. New packages could be of 20GB limit and another possible package with 30GB limit for economy users.

Not yet confirmed but expected that these packages will be going to launch in few weeks as Ptcl has received lot of complaints about this limit. So Ptcl is deciding to launch them above packages.

As for as price of these packages, We were told that price may not be revised or if revised then they will be within the economy limits. Not to forget Ptcl Economy Package are for those users whose usage is limited.

If your usage exceeds usually, We recommend that you should change your broadband package to student package as there are NO charges to upshift your package. However downgrade charges to Ptcl Economy packages are Rs 1500/- and are charged in bill for 1st month only instead of Dsl charges.

After this if you don’t exceed limit of 10GB per month you will be billed Rs 500/- only in next months.

For information, Limit of 10GB includes everything i.e browsing, uploading and downloading. People usually think that this limit is download limit so you should be aware of this fact if you are deciding to shift to this package.

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