Warid 4G LTE Launch Delayed till October

Warid was the only network in Pakistan that have not taken part in 3G/4G spectrum but after launch of 3G networks by other companies, Warid have also announced a few months ago about launch of 4G LTE services for customers.

They have also declared that they will be purchasing 4G LTE services by the end of september 2014 but it seems that they are not going to purchase till the october end.  We are not hearing any news from any source that they are asking PTA for the purchase of 4G LTE spectrum.

Well no one know what they are planning but it is confirmed by our sources that they are not purchasing 4G LTE by the end of september 2014. Most probably they will be going to purchase it within october after Eid-ul-Adha. 

In mid of july 2014 we heard from tribune story that Warid have contracted with Ericsson company for 4G lte infrastructure to roll out 4G services in Pakistan quickly than that of other companies like Zong but this news then gets vanished out. 

Warid claimed to invest $400 million to roll out 4G services in Pakistan but it seems now that they are not able to get permission from PTA to launch these services or they have not contacted them.

Here is the message which were received after announcements.

You can clearly see that Warid announces to its customers for launching 4G LTE internet services. Still we are expecting to hear a good news soon from Warid for its customers. It could be within few more days or it could be after this Eid. 

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