Payoneer Review: Mastercard with Global Benefit

Jazib Ali
By Jazib Ali
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Payoneer Mastercard is global payment processing solution like Paypal. It is secure and is available in more than 200 countries all over the world. With Mastercard in collaboration it is globally accepted across world.

The best thing about Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard is that is free of cost. It will be delivered to your home if you enter the correct details. It does not have any delivery charges.

It gives facility to users like freelancer, bloggers and affiliate marketer and others to send and receive payments in countries like Pakistan where paypal is not supported. Not only that you can use that card anywhere in the world where mastercard is supported.

How it works?

Its really easy to sign up with Payoneer. Follow these steps
  • Sign Up for Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard.
  • Create your online account 
  • Once your card your home please activate it.
  • Apply for US payment service. 
  • Once approved you will able to use your account at US
After approval you can withdraw money from any of the US and EU companies and other companies which use Payoneer as their payment solution. 


There are lot of benefits of payoneer account listed below:
  • All benefits of Mastercard
  • A US bank account which can be used as normal bank account
  • Ability to receive funds to your payoneer account from
    – US and EU banks
    – Companies from World
    – Payoneer account holders
  • Ability to Withdraw funds from payoneer account to
    – Millions of ATMs Worldwide
    – Your own local bank account
    – Local eWallet (coming soon)
  • Ability to transfer funds from payoneer account to any other account.
  • Mastercard can be used for any purchases online and swipe option.

Charges Details:

Payoneer charges are very less as compared to other solution. Payoneer charges $29 for 1 year as maintenance service. Also you will be charged $2 to $5 dollar.

Referral Earning:

Yes payoneer offer referral earning too. You and the person referred will get $25 for each referral. 

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