Ptcl Upgraded 1 MB Subscribers to 4 MB Speeds

Ptcl have upgraded its 1 mb connections to 4 mb speeds, means those users which have 1 mb connection can now enjoy 4mb connection download speeds. 

This above screenshot taken on 1 MB connection of ptcl shows that download speed 3.19 which means that customers of ptcl dsl will now enjoy 4 MB speeds on 1 MB connections.

This is official announcement by ptcl at ptcl website which says

As our gift to the nation, we are now equipped to offer minimum 4Mbps Broadband connections to our subscribers thereby connecting Pakistan to the world at higher speeds. Under this campaign, all existing 1Mbps and 2Mbps Regular/Student broadband users with feasible lines are also upgraded to 4 Mbps free of cost till the promotion period.

This upgrade is for promotional purposes only and is valid till 30 June 2014 confirmed by ptcl helpline. All the existing connections have automatically been upgraded already.

Ptcl have achieved 2 million customer for which they are providing this free of cost service. During this all user will be able to enjoy unlimited download and 4Mbps connectivity speeds without incurring any other charges.

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