PTCL introduces Whatsapp Services to Customer 24/7

PTCL Whatsapp

PTCL has introduced its Whatsapp service for the customer to provide ease for the customers already active on WhatsApp. PTCL Whatsapp aims to bring forth the services through the popular app to have better communication with its customer across the country.

PTCL has initiated the official Whatsapp service that will include service information regarding bills, complaints, and new services. To get the services, the customer has to simply add the PTCL like any other friend on Whatsapp through the number 033 1218 1218. This will pace up the communication network between PTCL and its customers and render more reliable, efficient, and speedy services. On the launch of the WhatsApp service, Moqeem ul Haque, Chief Commercial Officer & Group Corporate Strategy Officer, said,

“Despite COVID-19, we have adapted to changing business environment and have taken proactive measures to provide convenience to our customers.”

Through the new PTCL Whatsapp, the customer will be able to register a new complaint, check the status of the registered complaint, see the bill, order new service and device info, and application installation. The said service will cut down the need to make calls to the helpline each time a customer wants to communicate to PTCL.

The service will also provide information updates regarding the launch of new services, devices, etc. Quick responses and reliable information will bring a friendly environment between the company and its customer. Also, the customer will be able to avoid hassle to make calls to the helpline and finding them busy. PTCL has taken a great initiative to keep its customers closer by providing information services around the clock.

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