Uber teamed up with Chubb Insurance to expand insurance coverage for drivers


Uber has today announced its partnership with Chubb Insurance which is a global insurance leader to provide all driver partners an insurance product named ‘Injury Protection’. The purpose of this programme is to protect drivers from the financial cost of injury, includes medical expenses, lose earning opportunities up to certain limits if any mishap or accident occurs while driving.

This initiative is a part of Uber’s global commitment to the driver-partner protection and to ensure safety and protection of passengers. Company’s driver partner includes those who are popular on UberMoto and UberAuto, are automatically selected via in-app messaging service from the moment they accept the delivery request.

According to the dailytimes, “Driver-partners have told us that they enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and choosing if, when and where they drive. But they have also told us they want more security and the injury protection program is designed to provide Uber driver-partners with peace of mind while preserving the flexibility they value. We believe that we have an important role to play in empowering people to get access to quality economic opportunities and we are excited to have developed a leading insurance product for the ride-sharing industry in Pakistan,” said Pierre Dimitri Gore Coty, head of Uber for Europe Middle East and Africa.

This new service covers all the uber drivers in Pakistan who caught in an accident or injuries that result in major expense which they somehow unable to pay it off.

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Giles Ward the regional president for Eurasia and Africa at Chubb Insurance said, “This collaboration with Uber to provide driver-partners with an innovative insurance product is part of our commitment to supporting efforts around digital transformation and providing consumers with peace of mind in emerging markets.”

Injury Protection starts from 1st of August and will eventually cover 50,000 active uber driver-partners across Pakistan. Also, it is the most important topic raised by many driver-partners which frequently uses the uber app because it is one of the main concerns going nowadays.

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