Google Chrome will now warn you about unsecure HTTP sites


Google has planned to brand HTTP sites as unsecure since February. Google is on the mode for the assurance it made two years ago to name and shame websites that use unencrypted HTTP connections. Chrome 68 is being used to roll out the change for a large audience.

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) will indicate how data is approved around the web. The “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure” and ensures that data is encrypted before it goes on the website to travel. Many sites have been transferred to this version to provide shield to visitors against data stealing and hacking.

The sites are now getting a label in its address bar: “Secure” and if it’s simply HTTP then “Not Secure” otherwise. About 20% of the world’s top 500 websites are using HTTP, they now support and default to HTTPS. Some sites in UK, such as Sky Sports, Argos and Boohoo are not yet supported by HTTPS throughout their sites.

The figures gathered by security researcher Troy Hunt states that more than half of the entire web’s top one million sites have not turned over to HTTPS. He has made a site called WhyNoHTTPS? that shows the world’s most trendy websites that are not using it.

As the website reports, Chrome 69 which is due in coming September, the secure sites will only show a black lock icon. The green padlock and word “secure” will not be there in new version.

Now each website that has not been shifted will be highlighted by Chrome. The other popular browser manufacturers are likely to adopt this process soon. Google started to alert users about sites that use HTTP in 2017. Originally, the “Not secure” cautions were used only on the sites which collected passwords or credit cards.

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The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has recently issued advice for users saying that all sites should use HTTPS for better security of their data. The government is joining to make step for HTTP sites.

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