Finnish telecom equipment maker Nokia have promised that it will help T-Mobile roll out a 5G mobile network in the US as part of a $ 3.5 billion deal, the two companies said on Monday.

“Nokia will help build T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network with 600 MHz and 28 GHz millimeter wave 5G capabilities,” the press release stated.

Nokia will provide T-Mobile with its 5G technology offering and help the telecommunications company. Whereas, T-mobile has stated that it will purchase $3.5 billion worth of lastest tech from Nokia. It will help to speed up the deployment of its new network.

US national carriers Sprint and T-Mobile have announced plans to merge earlier this year to form a new company and launch the roll-out of a high-speed 5G mobile network. The merger still needs to be approved by the regulators.

“Every dollar we spend is a 5G dollar, and our agreement with Nokia underscores the kind of investment we are making to bring customers a national mobile 5G network. And with Sprint, we will be able to do it a lot more,” said Neville Ray, technical director of T-Mobile.

The fifth generation of wireless communication networks, promises a fast enough data flow to enable services such as remote surgery and driverless cars, but also to enjoy video and virtual reality with more than ease.

“Nokia and T-Mobile will advance in the large-scale implementation of 5G services throughout the United States,” Nokia director Ashish Chowdhary said in a statement.

T-Mobile stands for a necessary element of the financial revenues of the German operator Deutsche Telecom. As part of this agreement, T-Mobile will power several Nokia technologies, which includes AirScale commercial radio platforms, native cloud, AirFrame hardware and CloudBand software.

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T-Mobile and Sprint, a subsidiary of SoftBank in Japan, are currently the third and fourth largest national carriers in the United States respectively.

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