Robin Hood Army and Careem took a initiative to feed 10,000 people

Robin Hood Army

Millions of Pakistanis are striving for proper food and diet, while hundred of them are totally deprived of food and other basic necessities. Therefore, ” Robin Hood army” a global volunteer-based organization that works to prevent wastage of excess food and distributes it to poor people.

Started from Karachi, Robin Hood Army has now spread across many cities of Pakistan and recently joined with Careem in order to feed 10,000 poor citizens. According to an economic survey, almost 25% of Pakistani population sleeps hungry at night. Many of them suffer from various diseases caused due to malnutrition and improper diet, and numerous people die every year because they couldn’t get themselves feed.

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For this cause, Careem took an initiative with Robin Hood Army to feed over 10,000 people in four days. Careem has also launched a special service Car in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi #BeCareem Car for this cause. The donors can book a ride with #BeCareem, and they will pick the donations or excess food from their doorsteps. The food will then be delivered to those who are in need with the help of Robin Hood Army.

The ride will be available from 12th-14th April.

“According to World Food Program, 60% of Pakistan’s population is food vulnerable. We are filling plates and hearts. I request people to donate wholeheartedly and make a difference, however small that maybe, in the lives of our fellow people. Nobody should have to sleep hungry and this can be our step towards ensuring that”. Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director, Careem.

In past, Careem has been remained associated with several Non-profit organization to help underprivileged people to make their lives better and they will continue to keep promoting and encouraging such acts of virtues.

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