KPK Assembly Becomes Asia’s First Computerized Assembly

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Assembly has become the first Assembly in South Asia to introduce computerized systems for handling the legislative matters of Assembly. Also KPK Assembly is now the number ninth Assembly in the World to have e-governance system.

Provincial Govt has introduced e-Governance system whereby all the members of Assembly have access to legislative data. All the proceedings and documentation are being computerized.

All the legislative documents, resolutions, adjourned motion, question/answers etc will be one click away for all the parliamentarians.

This move is taken in order to reduce the operational cost and move to paperless office. Besides that it not only saves time but also reduce the cost of printing which sometimes may cost millions for publications. Furthermore it also provides all the documentations to the addresses of parliamentarians.

Each member of the house got a touch-screen monitor which will display the daily agenda of the house in the session, avoiding the need to constantly viewing papers. Two-day training will also be provided to members explaining the functioning of the system which will be adopted from the 16th session (the next session).

The provincial government has established a committee comprising members from KP Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (KPPPRA), anti-corruption and information & technology departments that will ensure transparency of the system.

The project has a separate application for improving the working of public accounts committees which will automate their businesses and tasks, speeding up their work. Similarly, the house’s standing committees will have separate application formulated according to their needs and workings. Applications for facilitation of the assembly secretariat staff based on their needs will also be available. The biometric system of the house will be linked with the application and separate database of each employee, officer, vehicle and store that will automatically ensure accountability and transparency.

The project will be completed in phases and will cost Rs 78 million.


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