Hacker Hacked Weather Website for Farmers Of Pakistan

Go Nawaz Go

Hacker hacked Weather Website for Farmers of Pakistan as a protest against the recent announcement of mega relief package for small farmers of about Rs 341 billion.

Hacker in their greeting message, which says a famous slogan or chant “GO NAWAZ GO” have targeted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Mega Relief Package for small farmers of about Rs 341 billion.

Unlike the recent hack of Hum TV website by group of hackers, this hacker have only stated “HACKED BY HUNTER GUJJAR” as a sign or way to tell that he is only one who hacked it. 

Go Nawaz Go

Above is the screenshot that we obtained while the page was hacked. 

Hacker seems to be supporting Pakistan Tahreek Insaf as Imran Khan has recently told in press conference that this package is a way to change the by election that is going to be held tomorrow.

Here is the link of the Website that is Hacked http://namc.pmd.gov.pk/

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