Microsoft Announces Free Upgrade to Windows 10

Great news for Windows users, Windows 10 will be free to upgrade from its previous versions i.e Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in the first year of launch. Yes this is official news from Windows blog given by Terry Morrison.

After launching the Technical Preview of Windows 10 in 2014, now microsoft have announced that they will offer free upgrade to Windows 7 users and Windows 8.1 user to Windows 10 with the aim of providing basic windows to every Windows users of World.

Not yet much details were given regarding versions of Windows 10 but certainly Microsoft clearly seems to push users to try new version as support has been ending for older versions of Windows.
One other notable thing is that Windows 10 features will be available to user when they are ready means you don’t have to wait long for big release. You can get them directly when they are available. 

New Features:

Some new features of Windows 10 are given below
  • Microsoft Digital Assistant (Cortana)
    It learns your preferences to provide relevant recommendations as to boost up working
  • Versatility
    Windows 10 will be available on multi devices like PC, Mobile, Tablets etc
  • Project Spartan
    The next generation browser built by Microsoft that will join users with version of Windows 10 giving a whole new way of browsing and surfing
  • Universal Apps
    More apps are being added time by time and are made available to users specially Office App which will be available Universally. 
  • One Drive
    Give you space as cloud storage for mobility. 
  • Continuum Mode
    Windows 10 will be easily changeable or adaptable to many devices.
  • Holographic
    First Windows to introduce  Holographic  
  • Unlocking old stuff. 
Well no exact date have been told for Windows 10 upgrade or launch but it is expected to come by end of first Quarter Q1 of 2015. For more details, Windows Blog
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