Samsung Introduced T1 Portable SSD Drive, Stores 1TB Data

Technology is revolutionizing very fast these days. Things are getting better, faster and smaller which were used to be slow, huge and heavier. Initially computer were not very fast but now a days with the advancement of technology they are crossing the barrier to become super machines.One example of this is seen at CES 2015 where Samsung have introduced a new data storage drive named as T1, a solid state disk (SSD), with the size of only of visiting card and amazingly that can store up 1 Terabyte of data.

This SSD is actually a portable drive which you can use for storing your important data so that you can take it anywhere with yourself. This drive is not only very small in size but also very lighter in weight and is ultra fast as it can transfer data with a speed of 450 MB’s per second. 

The technology behind this amazingly fast speed and smaller size is combination of 3D Vertical NAND, which allows super fast transfer speed and also Turbowrite, which allows super fast writing on disk. Together with this Samsung have have improved the security of this drive as you can also set password for its use.

Now the best thing about this thin and ultra fast portable SSD drive is that its supports both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and is encryption enabled so you can connect with any device safely. One other thing thats important is its Shock Resistance feature that helps to ensure that your important data is safe. 

It is currently coming with 250GB / 500GB / 1Terabyte (TB) data storage capacity with 3 years limited Warranty. Its currently available in US and 15 other countries and its price starts with $179.99.

As far as launch in Pakistan is concerned it may be available after March or April. While this is confirmed that its arrival to Asian countries will be made at the end of February. 

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