Daewoo Introduced Online Ticketing System for Travellers

Increasing use of internet around the country after the launch of 3G and 4G service lead companies to develop their online systems and to make them available for internet users. Daewoo Express Bus Service being the top name for travelling service was also keen to make its services available to internet users.

Daewoo Express Bus Service has recently launched its online ticketing system for their customers. Now wherever you want to go by Daewoo Bus just go to its website and check your destination availability and purchase your tickets with just few clicks.

Booking & Ticketing:

Its very simple to make a booking or purchasing ticket online. Just visit Daewoo website and click online booking system. You are taken to online ticketing page. Set your departure, arrival and dates. You will be provided with relevant information about timing, seats left, fare, number of stops, booking status and departure from your city.Select one that is suitable for you and you will be taken to next page where you can choose seats. There are 5 types of seats i.e. Ladies seat, Gents Seat, Reserved Seats, Available seats, Staff seat. Select suitable seat and then you will be taken to payment page. Fill the form and your seat is booked for 15 minutes for purchase.

There are 3 forms of payment available, Credit Card, Prepaid Card or Loyalty Card. Choose whichever you have and pay for your fare and then print your ticket. You are done.

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